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Bruce Feiler, your book is in my hands and I am taking it seriously.

One of the things I want to do most with my askyourfriendkira world is help filter all the “parenting noise” as a friend of mine once put it.  I love reading, and I respect people who take on “parenting” since it is massively intense and constant.   I’ve also realized that parenting doesn’t exist in a vacuum– it’s hard to write about “parenting” without including everything else– my site’s sub-sub-title is a “family lifestyle reference site”.  Wordy, but for good reason.

So, how excited am I that Bruce Feiler, an author who I like (NYTimes, etc.) has written a book called The Secrets of Happy Families.  Instead of going to “parenting” experts– he connected with people who are experts of the components of family life. I’m excited– but mostly because he is addressing ALL OF IT… “I have tried to write the book I have most wanted to read as a spouse, parenting, uncle, sibling, and adult child.”  So, Bruce, you had me at the Introduction, and I’m ready to read.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to blog more frequently about the book and what I’ve gleaned.  I’ll let you know what our family is already doing (hint: we have family meetings, though not every week, and we have a morning checklist for the kids so they are responsible for their everyday world) and what we work in as a result of my reading.