It’s time to start MEDITATING…

Are you looking for something that will send a grounding confidence through your life?  You might want to start meditating.  Sometimes parenting support is about what to say and how to say it, but sometimes it’s about strengthening yourself.  And so we’re going to dive right in– you can start really simply.

  • Get a small cushion and find a quietish place to sit—it helps if your spine is “active” which means not relaxing and not hyper-extending.
  • Decide how you want to hold your hands—open on your knees is traditionally a receiving gesture.  Palms on your knees is traditionally grounding.  See what feels best.
  • You can use a meditation app (this is my favorite, it has lovely bells you can customize) or a timer or just glance at the clock—time may disappear for some when meditating, but I find for busy people, especially parents, it’s nice to know when you start and stop.
  • Close your eyes, and just listen to yourself breathe.  In and out.  If your mind wanders, bring it back to noticing your breath.  If you would rather focus on a word or short saying, you can choose one that is meaningful to you— peace / love / I am peace / I bring love / etc.  You can do a bit of both.

That’s it.  Congratulate yourself when you are finished– you just carved a few minutes out of a very very busy day.  I’d suggest starting with 1-5 minutes as many days as you can.

How did that feel? Questions about meditating?  Parenting?  The combination?  Post comments and questions here on my Facebook page!



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