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Thanksgiving, Already? Yes!

And of all of a sudden, the holidays are upon us!  How did that happen?  Well, November 1 was a Thursday, which means Thanksgiving is the earliest it could possibly be.  I love this time of year– lots of cooking and another year of traditions taking shape.  When you’re not in your own home, it can be hard to find the balance between giving your child(ten) what they need, and being flexible with family.  One secret?  Be playful and creative when you’re feeling pressure from family– your kids pick up on everything, so they will reflect what you are feeling.  Kids are a good “honest feeling barometer”.

Some holiday thoughts…


  • Always keep an extra outfit in the plane (for you and your child)
  • Baby wipes solve a lot of problems, even when your kids are older
  • Little snacks, and new little toys, tape, books, paper, are good things to carry.
  • Take a white noise machine with you (this is my favorite one)
  • Let your family know what you need, within reason, from them.  Do what you need, within reason, for you.  Try to stay present, in the moment.  Staying with family always brings up issues around parenting, relatives expectations of your children, and scheduling challenges.  Keep your absolutes friendly and firm, and look to yourself for places you can stretch and try something new.

Having trouble with your holiday schedule?  Spending a lot of time going back and forth? Consider spending each holiday with the same host, or switching year-to-year.  Going to two places for each holiday can be overwhelming after a while.

If you use part of Thanksgiving to plan gift giving around other holidays, consider suggesting a present exchange, especially if people may be a bit stressed about finances.  In a world of excess, this can be a great moment to advocate for, “less is more”.  Fewer presents, less spending, less stuff, less stress, and more time for love.

Specific questions around holidays?  Ask me on Facebook!  I’m also asking you to share your #thanksgivingtraditions #ayfk on Twitter… I’m excited to share them with everyone!