Monthly Archives: January 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  I found time to relax and kind of unplug (after a momentary breakdown when I realized I left my computer at home for a week).  The best part was spending time with my girls. (You can see me to the left, soap carving, an old fashioned and fun activity to do with kids—good for ages 7 and up– click the photo for some guidelines). By now you’ve probably re-settled into your daily routine and are thinking about 2012 and what will come.  Perhaps you’ve made some resolutions for yourself, or your family.

As I continue to expand my new business, I am constantly assessing and re-assessing what works, what I’d like to change, and discover where else I can grow.  As I work with clients I am helping balance the needs all parents face—that balance of practical and theoretical:  posting a checklist on the door, and finding the softest place in your heart with which to feel and see yourself and your children.

I offer some practical here:

Make doctors appointments for you and your family, now.

Your dentist, your general practitioner, and a dermatologist (and if you’re a woman, your OB)

if you have a child who will turn or is 3, and hasn’t seen a pediatric dentist, schedule an appointment (in NYC?  I love Dr. Ruby Gelman!).  Make your child’s yearly checkups in advance, so you get the appointment times you want.  If you have a child around 6 who has never been to the eye doctor, now is a good time for a general check up– it’s not necessary, but some people suggest.   Click here to download an easy checklist!

And some theoretical:

Most of us have noticed that the better you feel, the easier it is to parent.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start—and for that I offer, start with you.  What are some of  your building blocks of feeling good?  What do you need?  If you pick one of these things, and work at making it happen, you’ll strengthen yourself and in turn, your parenting.  What are my building blocks? Getting enough sleep, exercising, and  meditation.  It’s always a balance.