Monthly Archives: December 2009

Fifty Dangerous Things… sign up for a discount code that brings the price of the book down to $19.95 This is from the people who brought us where kids learn to play with fire and build things with real tools. It’s in California, and for kids 8 years old and up. The founder, Gever Tulley, has a TED talk with an overview if you want to read more. Looking for a gift for kids under 10 who like music? My cousin made an album that I didn’t have to like, but I really do– the lyrics speak to adults too– “cranky mommy” seems real, not forced. There are two songs dealing with divorce– one the emotions, one the practical aspects. And another one that challenges all of us to get off the phone/internet and be there face-to-face.

Holiday Gifts?

December is here. Toxic? The Zhu Zhu pets have high levels of antimony, a chemical that probably isn’t good for you. Teenagers have not developed the dorsolateral section of their pre-frontal cortex, which explains driving accidents in teens– according to research and the latest Allstate ads.