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Interested in advertising or have a book to be reviewed on the site?
There are many products I use and love, and those are the ones I will write about on the site.  If you represent any of those products and would like to advertise, please contact me. As of now I am not accepting products for review.  I am accepting non-fiction books for review.  Any books about parenting, childbirth, children, behavior, sibling relationships, etc. are welcome. 

Partial list of products I like and write about or will probably mention at some point (in alphabetical order)

Aden + Anais muslin baby wraps (swaddling blankets)
Amy’s Kitchen: lentil soup especially
Annie’s Homegrown:  macaroni and cheese, snack crackers especially
Apple computers, iphone, ipod
Arm’s Reach Co-Sleepers
Baby Bjorn: carrier, travel crib
Badger Sunscreen
Band Aid® band-aids
BluDot furniture: especially storage
Blue Lizard Sunscreen
Bluehost: website hosting
Boiron Homeopathic
California Baby Products
Canon digital point and shoot cameras
Company Store: jersey bedding
Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing
Flintstones Multi Vitamin with Iron
Fresh Direct (in NYC)
Gap Kids
Garnet Hill: children’s bedding
Gerber: cloth diapers and receiving blankets
Herman Miller furniture
Hyland’s Teething Tablets
Invicta bookbags
Jellycat stuffed animals
Jet Blue
Lamaze: baby toys
Lands End Swimwear
Laurie Berkner
LLBean: bookbags, down vests
Maclaren Strollers: Volo, Triumph, Quest

Mandarina Duck
Manhattan Baby toys
Mini Boden Children’s Clothes
Neosporin with pain relief
Nikon SLR cameras and lenses
Old Navy Children’s Clothes
Patagonia Outerwear for Kids
Phil and Ted’s: Me Too chair, travel cot, single and double strollers
Rainbow Light: Sunny Gummies Vitamin D chews
Renew Life Supplements:  Buddy Bear Probiotic
Signing Time dvds
The Miracle Blanket
They Might Be Giants
Think Fun Toys: especially Rush Hour
Tiny Bird Organic
Tom’s of Maine toothpaste


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